RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

RFID is the technology enabling people to pay by touching the card reader with the debit or credit card. It was invented to make people’s life easier but thieves could steal your data with a special device. RFID signals don't go through Wallum’s aluminium plates and helps to prevent RFID theft. Your data stays securely where it belongs.

Minimalist Design

No matter what you will be using it for, Wallum will change the way you think about a wallet. It’s simple, comfortable and intuitive. It doesn’t matter if you plan on using it for sports or going about your day-to-day life, soon you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Made in Austria

Our credit card holders are all manufactured with high-tech CNC machines in West-Austria (Goetzis) at the border triangle Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Once they have reached their final form they get sand blasted and anodized for their rough universal surface. The last step is assembling and packing them to be ready for dispatch.

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